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Happy 8th Year Founding Anniversary, IRS!!!

Today, August 24 is the 8th year Founding Anniversary of our company Infovision Research Systems. Truly magnificent and fulfilling to celebrate with much blessings the company had received the past eight years of its existence. It had withstood the trials and proved itself more competent to survive in this most demanding industry. Of course, the success of the company today will never be realized without the contribution of all the people who had helped the founder establish the IRS when it was still a fledgling entity. These people may not be around anymore but they are still counted as being part of the great trying years of the company. And of course, it is my honor to specially mention the people who stayed behind and continued to be of service to our company unselfishly. People like Mr. Conrad Villena, currently the COO of IRS, Ms. Len Enriquez our Makati Branch Operations Manager, Ms. Ester Pepito – Cebu Branch Operations Manager, likewise, to the gentlemen and women who had been  at least four years of service to the company such as Ms. Loida Carino ( Dept. Supervisor), Ms. Juliet Bautista (POC), Ms. Delia Javier ( Admin & Marketing Director) , Mr. Noli Bronoso ( IT Director), Mr. Bondy Tunacao ( TSC Director), Mr. Albert Tagud ( Chief Credit Analyst), Mr. Giovanni Lim ( Davao BOM), Ms. Almira Puso  ( CI Div. Manager),  Ms. Kaye Lovetana ( BI Div Manager) and to everybody who had spent at least a year in the company, i would like to thank you all guys for staying put and becoming the loyal men and women needed to carry the difficult tasks of attaining the Vision and Mission of Infovision Research Systems. Truly it is amazing to work with these very efficient, patient and skillful team. I would also specially mention my wife, Ms. Olivia Poblador           ( Finance Director) for keeping our Finances well balanced and ensuring a well disciplined financial expenditures which enable our company to withstand critical periods.  The company is truly blessed and thankful for entrusting your future with the IRS. It is likewise a commitment of the company to take care of all its stakeholders who values service with integrity, loyalty and hardwork  inorder to realize our visions.

When Infovision Research Systems was founded last August 24, 2004, nobody ever had predicted that it will come this way, but now i would like to stake a claim that our company will continue to come a long way. With our determination, passion and vision coupled with the vigorous, aggressive and highly competent teams, it will be a great honor to continue leading the company until such time that it is necessary to transfer it to the younger generation.

For the past eight years i can proudly say that i had delivered the first phase of the company’s vision. And we are on our way on fulfilling the rest  of the phases in the coming years. The company today is perhaps a hundred fold bigger and better in 2012 and our boldness will catapult us into greater heights by the time we reach our tenth year or maybe more, but the only thing for sure is we will continue to strive for it. However, our true achievement may not be measured on how big we are now but on how do we manage to take care of our clients from the beginning up to now, for they can only be the true determinant of the successful path we are tracking. Let us always be reminded all the time of our corporate principle of serving our clients with Passion, Determination and 100% Commitment.

Teams, rest not on our laurels for the demand of the industry requires us to continue to be more innovative to be equally more relevant and productive.Together for the past eight years we have achieved various milestones which positioned IRS into becoming the leading player in our industry today. And together, we will never waiver in this commitment.


Happy Birthday Infovision Research Systems… Cheers to Everyone!!!!

Infovision Research Systems : Going up the Value Chain!!

The month of May 2012 is a significant year for Infovision Research Systems as we are going up both literally and psychologically on the value chain. Literally, because effective May 1, 2012 our IRS Makati operations will officially start operating at the 24th Floor of Trafalgar Plaza in the Salcedo Village still in Makati City. The Makati branch will now occupy a bigger and better,  250 square meters of integrated space where all the company’s departments will be housed. Along with the transfer is the modernization of our communications systems and office furnishings. The  new office  promised to be  modern, sleek and well equipped.

IRS is  also embarking on  improved operational dynamics applying the best industry practices  to sustain our continuing lead in the industry today. The battlecry to achieve the goals in our Five Year campaign for a BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER IRS remains the epitome of our direction. We are maintaining an abrasive push towards gaining the momentum and at the same time carefully studying the learning curves ahead. IRS is also ready to face the challenges especially on the demand of the industry, competition and various factors relative to the business environment.

We take pride in the core competencies of the company which had not changed over the years. The directions set by the Management which is basically setting the company’s corporate culture and aligning its core competencies towards achieving leadership in the industry had not faltered yet we continue to uphold the values which was embedded since it was organized eight years ago.

Currently with its almost a 100 workforce in all its five sites, Infovision Research Systems is continuously upholding its advocacy of active, responsive and quality driven service to its growing list of clientele base all throughout the country.  This is because we believe that our performance which we derived from better teamwork, our drive for excellence of service, sensitivity to the clients demands and our determination to achieve the best for our clients is paying up.

By these motivations, Infovision Research Systems is closing the gap on well established players both local and global. We are now actually setting the benchmark in the industry as a matter of fact.

The new Makati office which cost IRS more than P/2 million investment generated mostly from organic funds is a testament to this. The leadership through its Founder and Chief Executive Office pledges to commit more investments in the next few months to further enhance our deliverable and various commitment.

Let us congratulate ourselves for this great accomplishment and enjoin all the teams from rank and file up to the senior managers to let us continue working together and strengthen our  team further. As the CEO of the company i can assure to all my teams and our clients that i will continue provide an able, intelligent and active leadership, steering the company in the direction to the best interest of  all the stakeholders.  I do hope that you will continue to strongly support me.

Lenten Reflections

As i was lying in the couch with nothing else to do in a Black Saturday, i was glued to the tv hopping from station to station. I am not a GMA viewer since most of the time its either we watch shows in ABS CBN or cable channels such as Natgeo, Discovery, Star Movies, HBO, Starworld, Fox etc. However, during that time , it did occur to my mind to watch GMA News TV where i got to see in the midst of the program Sandra Aguinaldo’s I Witness. I was so much interested to her documentary “Boy Pusit” a 14 year old or so, who juggles between earning as a “pusit boy” hired by fisherman to act as assistants to catch squid and fishes in the middle of the sea through crude means while also doing household chores, farming and schooling. At a young age of 14 years,  he has to do hard labor to help his family earning a measly P/16-30 in three days of work as a “pusit boy”. There are usually three or four boys in the makeshift fishing boat along with a single adult in a single fishing expedition usually from 4;00 am up to 1:00 pm. The boys bodies are most of the time soaked on the sea during this period since they are in charge of placing the fishing nets, scare fishes manually to lead them to the net. The adult who also has a  teenage son helping him earns the same amount since all the fish is sold to the middleman who also acts as the financier. The interviews of the personalities in the documentary seemed like squeezes my heart, they are so profound in their very simple life earning a hundred bucks which according to him could already survived them for two days while “Boy Pusit” the focal point of the documentary remits his earnings to his mother.

I dont know wheres the location of the documentary but all i know is that these actually mirrors the plight of more than 80% of our fellow filipinos who lived on a threshold of so much poverty. Earning a hundred peso in a three days works seems unimaginable within our lifestyle. Although the good thing is the boys did actually go to school, but they have to walk a few kilometers just to get to the nearest school and be absent at least once in a week to help the family. About 75% of Elementary graduates did not reach high school because parents could not afford to send them to high school anymore.

Team, i am sharing this story because i am so touched, i wished i could do something in my little way. In fact, small tears came flowing down my cheeks as i am watching the documentary. I can so much relate to the sufferings of this marginalized people because I myself had gone through this state of nothingness, where survival is only the name of the game. I came through having empty pockets and empty stomachs where even if food is ready but money is so scarce, i am contented of just watching it and be full.

Perhaps, Jesus in this Holy Week, despite of me being a sinful person, worked miracles on me to reflect on the documentary and share to everybody that we are so much blessed. I am just an instrument of the blessings, but He is the One and Only Source who provides all of these blessings we are enjoying today. We shall at all times be grateful to God and in our little way do our share to our less fortunate fellows… Let us cultivate in our hearts the joy of sharing.

On Easter Sunday, my family attended the Easter Mass officiated by our favorite priest, Fr. Art. The message he shared that spills downs to my nerves is when he said… ” The Easter is a manifestation of  Gods LOVE, that through this, the defeat of the Devil is completed and Salvation of Mankind took place”.

Teams, We are all going back to work soon, infact, by the time you read this Lenten Reflections, maybe you are already in your respective workplaces. Thank you for reading this Reflection but most of all lets us thank God for the infinite LOVE. The LOVE that made the overflow of the blessings… Let us do our share by LOVING our WORK, be always EXCITED to do our work, be more PASSIONATE, be LOYAL and be THANKFUL for all the BLESSINGS we RECEIVE.

And in all these blessings we receive, let us also think of the “Boy Pusits” in our neighborhood since we need not look far in our community to share our BLESSINGS…

Be Blessed Everyone.. Happy Easter!!




Welcoming 2012 : Year of the Water Dragon… Taking another year of opportunity to grow IRS further !!


Time runs so fast indeed.. We are now on the year 2012, a new year signalling a new thrust, a new plan, a new dimension and a new inspiration to work harder and harder.  Thank God, we survived the year of the rat with flying colors… Please allow me, from the bottom of my heart  to thank and congratulate the men and women behind Infovision Research Systems especially those evidently tired yet still wearing those smiling faces, the pressured flesh yet inside is a roaring passion  and dedication, had truly made up the best of this company.

Its no wonder why Infovision Research Systems is successful in all fronts in 2011. We had already made a bold statement in industry. We came and our clients and prospective clients saw and we IRS is determined to conquer the industry the best we can. We put Innovation a serious matter of business and the transformed  IRS  from a start up entity into a major industry player in the country today. We did that the past years but we are not yet finished because we have technically just started.

The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. The Dragon  in the Chinese calendar signifies wealth and prosperity. And like a Dragon we shall breath fire, the fire of confidence, the fire of prowess, the fire of success and we shall never lose that determination   and bring the company into greater heights…in every step of the way.

I wished everybody a Happy New Year. We shall continue to walk together and make the best of everything for Infovision Research Systems. We shall make the year another opportunity to further grow our company, bring more client, more business volume, more profit and more jobs.

We shall pray for prosperity and wealth for both Infovision Research Systems and to all its management and staff shower in 2012 with good grace of Almighty God Jesus Christ!!



Let there be Joy this Christmas 2011

Its time to celebrate another Christmas and this is Infovision’s 7th Christmas since its foundation in 2004… We cannot thank so much the good Lord for bestowing to this company the opportunity to celebrate Christmas 2011 amidst the blessings the company had received throughout the year.  As the CEO/ President of the company together with my family, I would like to greet you all, all Infovision Team from Cebu, Davao, Makati, Laguna and Pampanga, our Clients, patrons,trade partners, suppliers and friends a Merry Merry Christmas.

It is just unfortunate that I cannot be able to attend the parties of each teams, but we have already prepared everything each team’s needs to celebrate Christmas through each teams parties. The Laguna, Pampanga and Makati Teams will have a joint celebration in Dec. 23,  Cebu Team in Dec. 22 and Davao Team at their convenient date. The management prepared enough  within our means for everybody to partake and in our little way could be able to help in the happy celebration of Christmas.

However, lest we forget, the true essence of Christmas is Christ, Himself who made himself into flesh to save mankind from eternal damnation. And the best we can be celebrate it is through sharing, giving and partaking our blessings to the less fortunate.

As we all know, a week before the Christmas 2011, a major tragedy in CDO, Iligan, Neg Oriental and some parts in Bukidnon left scores of dead bodies and homeless. In fact, some of our staff was affected by the tragedy. Infovision believe that this happened with a reason and perhaps one of the reason is to test our will and how far people who are blessed can be able to extend the extra mile to help those who are in needs right in the very time where people expects to have their merry making. And we are one of those people who come forward and extend our help.

Sometimes, celebration is not enough through receiving various gifts whether it is expected or not, eating and drinking so much, merry making here and everywhere. I remember, one of the protestant pastor preaching in the terminal of the ferry where i am waiting for my ferry boat for Cebu… ” He preaches on how much Love we can offer to anyone…. It is through sharing and giving until it already hurts”…

I may not have received any gifts for myself from anybody, but  it is the good Lord who continually showered me the gifts everyday i cannot ask for more.. The happiness of the staffs and the thank you’s they whispered on my ears are the best gifts to me… they are priceless matters not everybody is privileged to be given such opportunity.

Thank you so much Infovision Team’s for believing in me… thank you for charting your destiny and career with Infovision Research Systems. I do hope  we have a Merry Christmas together with our respective families..

Let there be Joy this Christmas 2011!!! My best wishes for everybody…

IRS holds reinforcing, renewing and upgrading the core competency seminar.

Continuing Journey…


They say,  a journey of a thousand miles starts with a small steps.. True to that, Infovision Research Systems had made that small steps and it is now officially on a journey in making those thousand miles. Perhaps, it can be achieved sooner, perhaps later but nevertheless clear blue skies ahead is always an assurance for a determined and passionate dreamer.

As we embark on the end year strategies, we are closely looking forward for the new year to come, with greater vigor and passion in following our visions and goals for the company. Like this year 2011, we wanted to pursue a more sustainable growth through the continued enhancement of our operating systems and dynamics. We would like to grow better this year compared to last year.

In the year 2011, we have achieved milestones in line with our Bigger, Better and Bolder (B3) Campaigns. As far as our Operational dynamics is concerned, there are improvements in our quality as we created the Quality Analysis Department, provided greater responsibility to supervisors and line managers to handle client concerns as well as the BOM’s for branch operations concerns which is under the Empowering Leadership strategy of our company. In terms of productivity, we created the MSUR platform which became our yardstick in checking real time productivity monitoring mechanism. Thus, through this method, everyone’s contribution to the company is being measured according to his/her productivity. We couldn’t get wrong now in leveraging our Human Resources to achieve its highest potentials. Our company embarked on a sustained expansion program to attain our thrust of improving further efficiency likewise create more business opportunities within the local market. In line with this, our 5th branch was inaugurated last October 18, 2011. We have also expanded our Cebu Corporate office in 2011.

On the business side, the company continue to raise more clients through a sustained market development programs in all our branch and business segments. Roughly, the company acquired 50% more clients for the year while maintaining an 80% client retention. In the second quarter of the year, we had our trial programs for our IRS Education Division which forms part of our Business development strategies along with the activation of Infokolek ( our Accounts Receivable business segment). It is quiet a success. We now acknowledged that the new business segment will eventually become a highly effective vehicle not just in creating more revenue but as well as marketing value.

In the year 2012, which is the third year of our B3 Campaign, the company is set to introduce a wider and bigger perspective. The company is seriously sustaining the impetus and catapult itself to be the country’s No. 1 by setting at least P/ 4 M in monthly revenue.  In line with this, we are now formulating strategic plans to achieve the target.

By 2012, our online payroll system, newly revised billing and collection systems and our IIMS will be ready for use. It is expected to improve the operation system wide as we chose the web based data base platform in all these programs. We also hope to commence our E-commerce project by this year.  IRS is also constantly looking for more opportunities in our expansion programs as we aimed to become the largest in the country in terms of volume, revenue and network. We are closely looking at the Northern Mindanao Region as the next expansion site.  The company, likewise, expects to spend P/2M for its new Makati branch in 2012 either through a leasehold or purchase of an office space ideal for our ever growing operations.

We will also launch the two business segments, the Infokolek and the BusinessInfo Academy under the IRS Education Division  by December 2011 , which we hope to contribute in the increase of IRS Revenue.

On top of these plans, our company will also pursue an equally vigorous campaigns, this early,  for Corporate Social Responsibility which we had started last year. We will continue to support the SAPAK Farm with our monthly pledge and perhaps our gift giving from time to time. Infovision also wished to be a partner of  WWF or World Wildlife Fund and with the Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga for environmental and social action programs. And from time to time, everybody in the IRS is encouraged to do our share in the protecting our environment through a homebased campaign for garbage segregation, materials recovery program, tree planting etc. We intend to do this despite of being a small company, so that when we will become big, we will get used to it, and will form part of our corporate culture.

All of these are in line with our journey of thousand steps, a long way but quiet not impossible to achieve.

Lets get it done.. IRS Teams!!!

Effective Credit Management Seminar

In line with Infovision Research System’s thrusts towards  industry development through continued education, IRS is sponsoring a Seminar for Effective Credit Management to be held this coming October 28, 2011 at the Harolds Hotel, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City. The one day seminar which targets Credit & Collection Managers, Credit Analysts, Sales people, Finance People, Executives and Entrepreneurs across industries, aims to foster a venue to discuss focal points as far as the Credit Industry is concerned. IRS invited Mr. Chad Pangilinan, the current SMFG Credit Manager to act as speaker/facilitator of the event.

Infovision Research Systems Education Division – a business segment designed by IRS to specifically act as mentors of the industry through sponsorship, organization and or facilitate various seminars, foras and trainings as far as the credit industry is concerned throughout the country is committed towards building a healthy industry through sharing of knowledge and creating the venue towards sharing of best practice especially in the fast paced industry where Credit is synonymous to growth and survival of the company. The global dynamics which levels the playing field for a competitive advantage of companies small or large had tremendously affected the way we do business which requires more credit awareness programs.

Among the topics for discussion are, Objectives of Credit Management, Credit Policies and Guidelines, Effective Credit Decisions, Credit Processing and Evaluations, Establishing Credit Limits, Basic Collection Strategies, Credit Scoring and Early Warnings of  Problem Accounts.

Infovision Research Systems is an outsource agency which readily partners to all type of  company in any industry. It specializes in providing a seamless and impartial evaluations of credit applications for its clients across industry. The company provides an in- depth analysis of the general background of a company, individual or institution for an intelligent decision making process  thereby mitigate risk factors through its standard or customized credit report formats, business reports and financial analysis reports.

If you are interested to join the seminar, there will be a fee of P/4,000 per participant to cover on the venue, food, certificates, hand-outs etc. You may call Ms. Ivy Basarte at 344-4451 or email her at All participants are automatically entitle to the IRS Elite Club Membership where future seminars can be availed at the most 50% discount or even free.

For inquiries related to the services of INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS, you may visit our website, or shoot as an email at  Our office is  located at the 4th Floor of Tulips Center, AS Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City with Tel. No. 343-9651  and Telefax 343-3897.

Infovision Research Systems do business all over the country with its five (5) existing branches. It also has the ability to check personal background of any person or company through its Global Database Check services.


I am pleased to announce that starting Monday, October 10, 2011 our newest branch based in San Fernando City, Pampanga will be open for business. The branch aside  from playing a very strategic role in the over-all network of the company will be pivotal in acquiring market in the Northern Luzon market, particularly in the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, La Union, Zambales and cities of Subic, Clark and Baguio where there is a large concentration of multinational clients and homegrown enterprises. The branch will be the 5th within the fast growing network in our system with its head office in Cebu.

This is also our answer to the clamor of our valued clients such as Teletech Pampanga site and other potential clientele in the area for a more localized operations. Infovision Pampanga Branch will be initially a satellite branch under the umbrella of the Makati branch until such time they will be able to operate on its own. Ms. Mary Kaye Lovetana a pioneering staff of Infovision Makati office and had been serving the company for almost five years was appointed by the management to be the Branch Acting Operations Manager together with a team of four staff, initially.

Our continued expansion to key areas in the country is in line with our ( B3)Bigger, Better and Bolder campaign. This to provide our clientele with the most efficient, cost effective, innovative and quality oriented service, unmatched by any other players in the local industry. By establishing a branch in this key area, efficiency is expected to improve further by 50% while cost may decline by as much as 30% in some areas.

In October 18, 2011 the company will have a formal launching where top management will converge and officially integrate the branch to Infovision Research System structure. Key client such as Teletech people will be invited to grace the opening along with some invited guests.

Infovision Pampanga aims to present our services to key manufacturing sites within the Northern Luzon operations. The top teams of the branch is tasked to place the Infovision’s services right on the desks of its potential client. Initially, the company aims to target at least ten client acquisition during its first year of operation and a revenue of  at least P/500,o00 a month starting on the sixth month of the company’s operations. Further, the branch aims to be the company of choice as far as our services is concerned within the Northern Luzon Regions.

I enjoin all teams to extend our all out support to our newest branch. Let us wish Ms. Mary Kaye Lovetana and her team good luck…  I would also like to congratulate our management teams for their wholehearted support to our thrusts which had been the key to our continued success in the industry.

Adelante!!! Infovision Pampanga!!! Adelante INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS!!!

Pampanga Office

Pampanga Team