Your success is our success

Continuing Journey…


They say,  a journey of a thousand miles starts with a small steps.. True to that, Infovision Research Systems had made that small steps and it is now officially on a journey in making those thousand miles. Perhaps, it can be achieved sooner, perhaps later but nevertheless clear blue skies ahead is always an assurance for a determined and passionate dreamer.

As we embark on the end year strategies, we are closely looking forward for the new year to come, with greater vigor and passion in following our visions and goals for the company. Like this year 2011, we wanted to pursue a more sustainable growth through the continued enhancement of our operating systems and dynamics. We would like to grow better this year compared to last year.

In the year 2011, we have achieved milestones in line with our Bigger, Better and Bolder (B3) Campaigns. As far as our Operational dynamics is concerned, there are improvements in our quality as we created the Quality Analysis Department, provided greater responsibility to supervisors and line managers to handle client concerns as well as the BOM’s for branch operations concerns which is under the Empowering Leadership strategy of our company. In terms of productivity, we created the MSUR platform which became our yardstick in checking real time productivity monitoring mechanism. Thus, through this method, everyone’s contribution to the company is being measured according to his/her productivity. We couldn’t get wrong now in leveraging our Human Resources to achieve its highest potentials. Our company embarked on a sustained expansion program to attain our thrust of improving further efficiency likewise create more business opportunities within the local market. In line with this, our 5th branch was inaugurated last October 18, 2011. We have also expanded our Cebu Corporate office in 2011.

On the business side, the company continue to raise more clients through a sustained market development programs in all our branch and business segments. Roughly, the company acquired 50% more clients for the year while maintaining an 80% client retention. In the second quarter of the year, we had our trial programs for our IRS Education Division which forms part of our Business development strategies along with the activation of Infokolek ( our Accounts Receivable business segment). It is quiet a success. We now acknowledged that the new business segment will eventually become a highly effective vehicle not just in creating more revenue but as well as marketing value.

In the year 2012, which is the third year of our B3 Campaign, the company is set to introduce a wider and bigger perspective. The company is seriously sustaining the impetus and catapult itself to be the country’s No. 1 by setting at least P/ 4 M in monthly revenue.  In line with this, we are now formulating strategic plans to achieve the target.

By 2012, our online payroll system, newly revised billing and collection systems and our IIMS will be ready for use. It is expected to improve the operation system wide as we chose the web based data base platform in all these programs. We also hope to commence our E-commerce project by this year.  IRS is also constantly looking for more opportunities in our expansion programs as we aimed to become the largest in the country in terms of volume, revenue and network. We are closely looking at the Northern Mindanao Region as the next expansion site.  The company, likewise, expects to spend P/2M for its new Makati branch in 2012 either through a leasehold or purchase of an office space ideal for our ever growing operations.

We will also launch the two business segments, the Infokolek and the BusinessInfo Academy under the IRS Education Division  by December 2011 , which we hope to contribute in the increase of IRS Revenue.

On top of these plans, our company will also pursue an equally vigorous campaigns, this early,  for Corporate Social Responsibility which we had started last year. We will continue to support the SAPAK Farm with our monthly pledge and perhaps our gift giving from time to time. Infovision also wished to be a partner of  WWF or World Wildlife Fund and with the Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga for environmental and social action programs. And from time to time, everybody in the IRS is encouraged to do our share in the protecting our environment through a homebased campaign for garbage segregation, materials recovery program, tree planting etc. We intend to do this despite of being a small company, so that when we will become big, we will get used to it, and will form part of our corporate culture.

All of these are in line with our journey of thousand steps, a long way but quiet not impossible to achieve.

Lets get it done.. IRS Teams!!!


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