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Let there be Joy this Christmas 2011

Its time to celebrate another Christmas and this is Infovision’s 7th Christmas since its foundation in 2004… We cannot thank so much the good Lord for bestowing to this company the opportunity to celebrate Christmas 2011 amidst the blessings the company had received throughout the year.  As the CEO/ President of the company together with my family, I would like to greet you all, all Infovision Team from Cebu, Davao, Makati, Laguna and Pampanga, our Clients, patrons,trade partners, suppliers and friends a Merry Merry Christmas.

It is just unfortunate that I cannot be able to attend the parties of each teams, but we have already prepared everything each team’s needs to celebrate Christmas through each teams parties. The Laguna, Pampanga and Makati Teams will have a joint celebration in Dec. 23,  Cebu Team in Dec. 22 and Davao Team at their convenient date. The management prepared enough  within our means for everybody to partake and in our little way could be able to help in the happy celebration of Christmas.

However, lest we forget, the true essence of Christmas is Christ, Himself who made himself into flesh to save mankind from eternal damnation. And the best we can be celebrate it is through sharing, giving and partaking our blessings to the less fortunate.

As we all know, a week before the Christmas 2011, a major tragedy in CDO, Iligan, Neg Oriental and some parts in Bukidnon left scores of dead bodies and homeless. In fact, some of our staff was affected by the tragedy. Infovision believe that this happened with a reason and perhaps one of the reason is to test our will and how far people who are blessed can be able to extend the extra mile to help those who are in needs right in the very time where people expects to have their merry making. And we are one of those people who come forward and extend our help.

Sometimes, celebration is not enough through receiving various gifts whether it is expected or not, eating and drinking so much, merry making here and everywhere. I remember, one of the protestant pastor preaching in the terminal of the ferry where i am waiting for my ferry boat for Cebu… ” He preaches on how much Love we can offer to anyone…. It is through sharing and giving until it already hurts”…

I may not have received any gifts for myself from anybody, but  it is the good Lord who continually showered me the gifts everyday i cannot ask for more.. The happiness of the staffs and the thank you’s they whispered on my ears are the best gifts to me… they are priceless matters not everybody is privileged to be given such opportunity.

Thank you so much Infovision Team’s for believing in me… thank you for charting your destiny and career with Infovision Research Systems. I do hope  we have a Merry Christmas together with our respective families..

Let there be Joy this Christmas 2011!!! My best wishes for everybody…


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