Your success is our success

Lenten Reflections

As i was lying in the couch with nothing else to do in a Black Saturday, i was glued to the tv hopping from station to station. I am not a GMA viewer since most of the time its either we watch shows in ABS CBN or cable channels such as Natgeo, Discovery, Star Movies, HBO, Starworld, Fox etc. However, during that time , it did occur to my mind to watch GMA News TV where i got to see in the midst of the program Sandra Aguinaldo’s I Witness. I was so much interested to her documentary “Boy Pusit” a 14 year old or so, who juggles between earning as a “pusit boy” hired by fisherman to act as assistants to catch squid and fishes in the middle of the sea through crude means while also doing household chores, farming and schooling. At a young age of 14 years,  he has to do hard labor to help his family earning a measly P/16-30 in three days of work as a “pusit boy”. There are usually three or four boys in the makeshift fishing boat along with a single adult in a single fishing expedition usually from 4;00 am up to 1:00 pm. The boys bodies are most of the time soaked on the sea during this period since they are in charge of placing the fishing nets, scare fishes manually to lead them to the net. The adult who also has a  teenage son helping him earns the same amount since all the fish is sold to the middleman who also acts as the financier. The interviews of the personalities in the documentary seemed like squeezes my heart, they are so profound in their very simple life earning a hundred bucks which according to him could already survived them for two days while “Boy Pusit” the focal point of the documentary remits his earnings to his mother.

I dont know wheres the location of the documentary but all i know is that these actually mirrors the plight of more than 80% of our fellow filipinos who lived on a threshold of so much poverty. Earning a hundred peso in a three days works seems unimaginable within our lifestyle. Although the good thing is the boys did actually go to school, but they have to walk a few kilometers just to get to the nearest school and be absent at least once in a week to help the family. About 75% of Elementary graduates did not reach high school because parents could not afford to send them to high school anymore.

Team, i am sharing this story because i am so touched, i wished i could do something in my little way. In fact, small tears came flowing down my cheeks as i am watching the documentary. I can so much relate to the sufferings of this marginalized people because I myself had gone through this state of nothingness, where survival is only the name of the game. I came through having empty pockets and empty stomachs where even if food is ready but money is so scarce, i am contented of just watching it and be full.

Perhaps, Jesus in this Holy Week, despite of me being a sinful person, worked miracles on me to reflect on the documentary and share to everybody that we are so much blessed. I am just an instrument of the blessings, but He is the One and Only Source who provides all of these blessings we are enjoying today. We shall at all times be grateful to God and in our little way do our share to our less fortunate fellows… Let us cultivate in our hearts the joy of sharing.

On Easter Sunday, my family attended the Easter Mass officiated by our favorite priest, Fr. Art. The message he shared that spills downs to my nerves is when he said… ” The Easter is a manifestation of  Gods LOVE, that through this, the defeat of the Devil is completed and Salvation of Mankind took place”.

Teams, We are all going back to work soon, infact, by the time you read this Lenten Reflections, maybe you are already in your respective workplaces. Thank you for reading this Reflection but most of all lets us thank God for the infinite LOVE. The LOVE that made the overflow of the blessings… Let us do our share by LOVING our WORK, be always EXCITED to do our work, be more PASSIONATE, be LOYAL and be THANKFUL for all the BLESSINGS we RECEIVE.

And in all these blessings we receive, let us also think of the “Boy Pusits” in our neighborhood since we need not look far in our community to share our BLESSINGS…

Be Blessed Everyone.. Happy Easter!!





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