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Infovision Research Systems : Going up the Value Chain!!

The month of May 2012 is a significant year for Infovision Research Systems as we are going up both literally and psychologically on the value chain. Literally, because effective May 1, 2012 our IRS Makati operations will officially start operating at the 24th Floor of Trafalgar Plaza in the Salcedo Village still in Makati City. The Makati branch will now occupy a bigger and better,  250 square meters of integrated space where all the company’s departments will be housed. Along with the transfer is the modernization of our communications systems and office furnishings. The  new office  promised to be  modern, sleek and well equipped.

IRS is  also embarking on  improved operational dynamics applying the best industry practices  to sustain our continuing lead in the industry today. The battlecry to achieve the goals in our Five Year campaign for a BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER IRS remains the epitome of our direction. We are maintaining an abrasive push towards gaining the momentum and at the same time carefully studying the learning curves ahead. IRS is also ready to face the challenges especially on the demand of the industry, competition and various factors relative to the business environment.

We take pride in the core competencies of the company which had not changed over the years. The directions set by the Management which is basically setting the company’s corporate culture and aligning its core competencies towards achieving leadership in the industry had not faltered yet we continue to uphold the values which was embedded since it was organized eight years ago.

Currently with its almost a 100 workforce in all its five sites, Infovision Research Systems is continuously upholding its advocacy of active, responsive and quality driven service to its growing list of clientele base all throughout the country.  This is because we believe that our performance which we derived from better teamwork, our drive for excellence of service, sensitivity to the clients demands and our determination to achieve the best for our clients is paying up.

By these motivations, Infovision Research Systems is closing the gap on well established players both local and global. We are now actually setting the benchmark in the industry as a matter of fact.

The new Makati office which cost IRS more than P/2 million investment generated mostly from organic funds is a testament to this. The leadership through its Founder and Chief Executive Office pledges to commit more investments in the next few months to further enhance our deliverable and various commitment.

Let us congratulate ourselves for this great accomplishment and enjoin all the teams from rank and file up to the senior managers to let us continue working together and strengthen our  team further. As the CEO of the company i can assure to all my teams and our clients that i will continue provide an able, intelligent and active leadership, steering the company in the direction to the best interest of  all the stakeholders.  I do hope that you will continue to strongly support me.


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