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Happy 8th Year Founding Anniversary, IRS!!!

Today, August 24 is the 8th year Founding Anniversary of our company Infovision Research Systems. Truly magnificent and fulfilling to celebrate with much blessings the company had received the past eight years of its existence. It had withstood the trials and proved itself more competent to survive in this most demanding industry. Of course, the success of the company today will never be realized without the contribution of all the people who had helped the founder establish the IRS when it was still a fledgling entity. These people may not be around anymore but they are still counted as being part of the great trying years of the company. And of course, it is my honor to specially mention the people who stayed behind and continued to be of service to our company unselfishly. People like Mr. Conrad Villena, currently the COO of IRS, Ms. Len Enriquez our Makati Branch Operations Manager, Ms. Ester Pepito – Cebu Branch Operations Manager, likewise, to the gentlemen and women who had been  at least four years of service to the company such as Ms. Loida Carino ( Dept. Supervisor), Ms. Juliet Bautista (POC), Ms. Delia Javier ( Admin & Marketing Director) , Mr. Noli Bronoso ( IT Director), Mr. Bondy Tunacao ( TSC Director), Mr. Albert Tagud ( Chief Credit Analyst), Mr. Giovanni Lim ( Davao BOM), Ms. Almira Puso  ( CI Div. Manager),  Ms. Kaye Lovetana ( BI Div Manager) and to everybody who had spent at least a year in the company, i would like to thank you all guys for staying put and becoming the loyal men and women needed to carry the difficult tasks of attaining the Vision and Mission of Infovision Research Systems. Truly it is amazing to work with these very efficient, patient and skillful team. I would also specially mention my wife, Ms. Olivia Poblador           ( Finance Director) for keeping our Finances well balanced and ensuring a well disciplined financial expenditures which enable our company to withstand critical periods.  The company is truly blessed and thankful for entrusting your future with the IRS. It is likewise a commitment of the company to take care of all its stakeholders who values service with integrity, loyalty and hardwork  inorder to realize our visions.

When Infovision Research Systems was founded last August 24, 2004, nobody ever had predicted that it will come this way, but now i would like to stake a claim that our company will continue to come a long way. With our determination, passion and vision coupled with the vigorous, aggressive and highly competent teams, it will be a great honor to continue leading the company until such time that it is necessary to transfer it to the younger generation.

For the past eight years i can proudly say that i had delivered the first phase of the company’s vision. And we are on our way on fulfilling the rest  of the phases in the coming years. The company today is perhaps a hundred fold bigger and better in 2012 and our boldness will catapult us into greater heights by the time we reach our tenth year or maybe more, but the only thing for sure is we will continue to strive for it. However, our true achievement may not be measured on how big we are now but on how do we manage to take care of our clients from the beginning up to now, for they can only be the true determinant of the successful path we are tracking. Let us always be reminded all the time of our corporate principle of serving our clients with Passion, Determination and 100% Commitment.

Teams, rest not on our laurels for the demand of the industry requires us to continue to be more innovative to be equally more relevant and productive.Together for the past eight years we have achieved various milestones which positioned IRS into becoming the leading player in our industry today. And together, we will never waiver in this commitment.


Happy Birthday Infovision Research Systems… Cheers to Everyone!!!!


4 responses

  1. kon

    ” Happy 8th birthday IRS… Congratulations to the founding CEO and all the men and women who stood the test of time… IRS is Getting Stronger and Going Global.. BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER IRS…

    August 24, 2012 at 8:51 am

  2. delia javier


    August 24, 2012 at 10:50 am

  3. anne

    ,,,congrats to IRS family….Congrats to Sir Henry Poblador and to IRS family!,,, after all the challenges we’ve been through, we’re still here, alive and kicking…and getting even stronger….again, Happy Anniversary IRS! Super 8 na, still more years to come…..God Bless us all….

    August 24, 2012 at 11:14 am

  4. Bondy

    IRS is now on his level of reaching the Super 8 age. This only signifies that our team is not simply relying on lucky #8 nor fate but it comes from the sweat & sweet ideas of the team especially from the founder of IRS in honor to our CEO. Who empowered us by faith with trust and confidence despite of all the challenges along the path of success. IRS makes us bigger, better, and bolder in creating things to be globally competitive in providing business support. In line to our valued clients who tagged as 8 minus 7 is equal to 1 they are and we are number ONE to them. Our valued clients significantly portraying the role as our ears, eyes, and mouth upon basing on how we provide support and solutions. In this Super 8 event, let’s celebrate our happy 8th Year Birthday in the business, and importantly, be grateful of all the blessings we are receiving today and more… IRS is unstoppable and hungry of developments for the betterment of all. Let’s get it on – positivity rocks! GOD BLESS US!!!

    August 24, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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