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IRS holds reinforcing, renewing and upgrading the core competency seminar.


Continuing Journey…


They say,  a journey of a thousand miles starts with a small steps.. True to that, Infovision Research Systems had made that small steps and it is now officially on a journey in making those thousand miles. Perhaps, it can be achieved sooner, perhaps later but nevertheless clear blue skies ahead is always an assurance for a determined and passionate dreamer.

As we embark on the end year strategies, we are closely looking forward for the new year to come, with greater vigor and passion in following our visions and goals for the company. Like this year 2011, we wanted to pursue a more sustainable growth through the continued enhancement of our operating systems and dynamics. We would like to grow better this year compared to last year.

In the year 2011, we have achieved milestones in line with our Bigger, Better and Bolder (B3) Campaigns. As far as our Operational dynamics is concerned, there are improvements in our quality as we created the Quality Analysis Department, provided greater responsibility to supervisors and line managers to handle client concerns as well as the BOM’s for branch operations concerns which is under the Empowering Leadership strategy of our company. In terms of productivity, we created the MSUR platform which became our yardstick in checking real time productivity monitoring mechanism. Thus, through this method, everyone’s contribution to the company is being measured according to his/her productivity. We couldn’t get wrong now in leveraging our Human Resources to achieve its highest potentials. Our company embarked on a sustained expansion program to attain our thrust of improving further efficiency likewise create more business opportunities within the local market. In line with this, our 5th branch was inaugurated last October 18, 2011. We have also expanded our Cebu Corporate office in 2011.

On the business side, the company continue to raise more clients through a sustained market development programs in all our branch and business segments. Roughly, the company acquired 50% more clients for the year while maintaining an 80% client retention. In the second quarter of the year, we had our trial programs for our IRS Education Division which forms part of our Business development strategies along with the activation of Infokolek ( our Accounts Receivable business segment). It is quiet a success. We now acknowledged that the new business segment will eventually become a highly effective vehicle not just in creating more revenue but as well as marketing value.

In the year 2012, which is the third year of our B3 Campaign, the company is set to introduce a wider and bigger perspective. The company is seriously sustaining the impetus and catapult itself to be the country’s No. 1 by setting at least P/ 4 M in monthly revenue.  In line with this, we are now formulating strategic plans to achieve the target.

By 2012, our online payroll system, newly revised billing and collection systems and our IIMS will be ready for use. It is expected to improve the operation system wide as we chose the web based data base platform in all these programs. We also hope to commence our E-commerce project by this year.  IRS is also constantly looking for more opportunities in our expansion programs as we aimed to become the largest in the country in terms of volume, revenue and network. We are closely looking at the Northern Mindanao Region as the next expansion site.  The company, likewise, expects to spend P/2M for its new Makati branch in 2012 either through a leasehold or purchase of an office space ideal for our ever growing operations.

We will also launch the two business segments, the Infokolek and the BusinessInfo Academy under the IRS Education Division  by December 2011 , which we hope to contribute in the increase of IRS Revenue.

On top of these plans, our company will also pursue an equally vigorous campaigns, this early,  for Corporate Social Responsibility which we had started last year. We will continue to support the SAPAK Farm with our monthly pledge and perhaps our gift giving from time to time. Infovision also wished to be a partner of  WWF or World Wildlife Fund and with the Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga for environmental and social action programs. And from time to time, everybody in the IRS is encouraged to do our share in the protecting our environment through a homebased campaign for garbage segregation, materials recovery program, tree planting etc. We intend to do this despite of being a small company, so that when we will become big, we will get used to it, and will form part of our corporate culture.

All of these are in line with our journey of thousand steps, a long way but quiet not impossible to achieve.

Lets get it done.. IRS Teams!!!

IRS Pampanga Branch Blessing and Inauguration

Effective Credit Management Seminar

In line with Infovision Research System’s thrusts towards  industry development through continued education, IRS is sponsoring a Seminar for Effective Credit Management to be held this coming October 28, 2011 at the Harolds Hotel, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City. The one day seminar which targets Credit & Collection Managers, Credit Analysts, Sales people, Finance People, Executives and Entrepreneurs across industries, aims to foster a venue to discuss focal points as far as the Credit Industry is concerned. IRS invited Mr. Chad Pangilinan, the current SMFG Credit Manager to act as speaker/facilitator of the event.

Infovision Research Systems Education Division – a business segment designed by IRS to specifically act as mentors of the industry through sponsorship, organization and or facilitate various seminars, foras and trainings as far as the credit industry is concerned throughout the country is committed towards building a healthy industry through sharing of knowledge and creating the venue towards sharing of best practice especially in the fast paced industry where Credit is synonymous to growth and survival of the company. The global dynamics which levels the playing field for a competitive advantage of companies small or large had tremendously affected the way we do business which requires more credit awareness programs.

Among the topics for discussion are, Objectives of Credit Management, Credit Policies and Guidelines, Effective Credit Decisions, Credit Processing and Evaluations, Establishing Credit Limits, Basic Collection Strategies, Credit Scoring and Early Warnings of  Problem Accounts.

Infovision Research Systems is an outsource agency which readily partners to all type of  company in any industry. It specializes in providing a seamless and impartial evaluations of credit applications for its clients across industry. The company provides an in- depth analysis of the general background of a company, individual or institution for an intelligent decision making process  thereby mitigate risk factors through its standard or customized credit report formats, business reports and financial analysis reports.

If you are interested to join the seminar, there will be a fee of P/4,000 per participant to cover on the venue, food, certificates, hand-outs etc. You may call Ms. Ivy Basarte at 344-4451 or email her at All participants are automatically entitle to the IRS Elite Club Membership where future seminars can be availed at the most 50% discount or even free.

For inquiries related to the services of INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS, you may visit our website, or shoot as an email at  Our office is  located at the 4th Floor of Tulips Center, AS Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City with Tel. No. 343-9651  and Telefax 343-3897.

Infovision Research Systems do business all over the country with its five (5) existing branches. It also has the ability to check personal background of any person or company through its Global Database Check services.


I am pleased to announce that starting Monday, October 10, 2011 our newest branch based in San Fernando City, Pampanga will be open for business. The branch aside  from playing a very strategic role in the over-all network of the company will be pivotal in acquiring market in the Northern Luzon market, particularly in the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, La Union, Zambales and cities of Subic, Clark and Baguio where there is a large concentration of multinational clients and homegrown enterprises. The branch will be the 5th within the fast growing network in our system with its head office in Cebu.

This is also our answer to the clamor of our valued clients such as Teletech Pampanga site and other potential clientele in the area for a more localized operations. Infovision Pampanga Branch will be initially a satellite branch under the umbrella of the Makati branch until such time they will be able to operate on its own. Ms. Mary Kaye Lovetana a pioneering staff of Infovision Makati office and had been serving the company for almost five years was appointed by the management to be the Branch Acting Operations Manager together with a team of four staff, initially.

Our continued expansion to key areas in the country is in line with our ( B3)Bigger, Better and Bolder campaign. This to provide our clientele with the most efficient, cost effective, innovative and quality oriented service, unmatched by any other players in the local industry. By establishing a branch in this key area, efficiency is expected to improve further by 50% while cost may decline by as much as 30% in some areas.

In October 18, 2011 the company will have a formal launching where top management will converge and officially integrate the branch to Infovision Research System structure. Key client such as Teletech people will be invited to grace the opening along with some invited guests.

Infovision Pampanga aims to present our services to key manufacturing sites within the Northern Luzon operations. The top teams of the branch is tasked to place the Infovision’s services right on the desks of its potential client. Initially, the company aims to target at least ten client acquisition during its first year of operation and a revenue of  at least P/500,o00 a month starting on the sixth month of the company’s operations. Further, the branch aims to be the company of choice as far as our services is concerned within the Northern Luzon Regions.

I enjoin all teams to extend our all out support to our newest branch. Let us wish Ms. Mary Kaye Lovetana and her team good luck…  I would also like to congratulate our management teams for their wholehearted support to our thrusts which had been the key to our continued success in the industry.

Adelante!!! Infovision Pampanga!!! Adelante INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS!!!

Pampanga Office

Pampanga Team

Moving Forward

As time goes by INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS, stood still consistent with the values and principles it is tracking from day one of its existence. It’s commitment of  100% service to its growing client base  through a innovative, cost effective, efficient and qualitative reporting is unwavering for the past seven years. True to this, the company is steadfast in finding solutions to reduce errors, improve quality and efficiency more so to uphold the trust and confidence of the fast growing clientele base all over the country. Inorder to attain a sustained business volume our company continue to be more aggressive and dynamic in all fronts. It is by these tenets that our company is resolved to be more competitive in the next coming years even with global industry players coming in to join the foray.

In our recent estimates based on our research there are at least 200 industry players either as Pre Employment Screening process agency or Background Investigation agency, a Credit Reporting agency, Accounts Receivable Management agency or companies doing all those business types. From that 200, there were about 10-15% which are global in nature, which means that their head office is outside of the country or having a operations in at least one more country.

Our basic understanding of the industry had expanded with the advent of better equipped competitors who are well entrenched and well capitalized. We answered it with our B3 Campaign, which stands for a Better, Bigger and Bolder Campaign which is currently materializing. In line with this, our teams is studying and exploring the usual standard industry norms of bundled services such as the Drug Check, Global Database Check etc. We intend also to put emphasis on our other business segments through branding and separate marketing campaigns through the available marketing tools. And certainly with all these recent activities we have, we could say that we have experienced initial successes.

In line with this, the company strengthened its presence in the social network particularly in the internet by reinforcing its Facebook site, created its own fanpage account and blog. This is intended inorder to reach a critical mass of awareness and put our company in the mainstream. We have also reinvigorated our INFOVISION NEWSLETTER and come up with this Issue No. 2 to enhance media mileage in the process.

Our company, INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS, had come along way. We have outlived the challenges for a start up company and most especially outdone the most critical period in 2008-2010 and come out better and stronger. Kudos to all the men and women who stood grounds and defend our turf and made the sacrifices for the company for the last seven years.

And true to our commitment in our B3 campaign, INFOVISION will continue to uphold our greater vision of expanding our reach so we can serve as many clients as possible, improve our efficiency and lower the cost in the process. In line with this, I am happy to announce that INFOVISION – Pampanga Branch which will cater to the Northern Luzon area and servicing potential clients in Pampanga, Tarlac, Subic, Clark, Baguio, La Union etc.. will start to its business operations this October 2011.

We have also prepared the framework to officially use our IIMS and our Online Payroll System by 2012.

These are one in the many things to look forward to our company from this year on and in the succeeding years. Rest assured that our company will be more dynamic, aggressive and competitive as we grow more mature and confident. Lets MOVE FORWARD!!!

Little Things that Matters


In every path of journey there is always hardships along the way because fruitful beginnings are matters that fixated the vision straightforward while hardships sets the successful and the quitters apart. To be True to you and True to me are little things that matters because it sets the precedence of strong foundation based on trust and confidence and not on sheer convenience or simple accommodations.

When Infovision Research Systems was started, its foundation is  based on a clearly defined notion of “Trust” and “Confidence”. The belief that each member is important and worthy of trust  and that each member shall reciprocate it with confidence. Over the years, this belief is still at force, maybe its little things, but it matters so much as far as our company is concerned.

There once a story of a person who goes to the antique shop without anything in mind or purpose to buy. He just roams around the shop and found a detailed and well crafted bronze rat. He immediately picked it up and goes to the old man cashier and asked for the price. The old man told the person, “You may take the bronze rat for P/200 pesos and the story that goes with it for P/ 1000”. The young man, quibbled.. i will just take the bronze rat.. never mind the story. Then the old man wrapped it up and give it to the young man..

While outside walking, he passed a sewage hole and see two rats coming out to follow him..he didnt mind it.. then passing by another sewage hole, another four rats followed.. and then it goes into hundreds. People who had seen him followed by hundreds to thousands of rats are shouting in fear and disgust. He began to run fast, when the rats keeps going more and more to hundred thousands and followed him wherever he goes.

He runs as fast as he could, then seeing a post, he decided to cling into it and sensing that the rats are attracted to the bronze rats he throw it away near the seashore and soon the hundreds of thousand of rats followed it  to drown and die. He did go back to the antique store and upon seeing him go back the old man cashier asked him.. “Did you go back for the story young man?”.  The young man said, “No sir, i was wondering if you have bronze officemates… ”

The moral of  story is simply…Trust. When people trusted you, they follow you. And when they dont they ignore you.  “Trust” is one thing you give reciprocated by Confidence…. Little Things but Matters most.


Have a good day IRS Teams!!!






Theme : Infovision @ 7: Moving Towards a Bigger, Better and Bolder Company!!

Infovision Research Systems, a Cebu based outsourcing company emphasizing as an Information Service provider primarily focused in Background Investigation, Pre-Employment Screening Process, Credit Investigation and Evaluation, Research & Surveys and other Business Services is celebrating its 7th Year Founding anniversary from Aug. 18-21, 2011 in Cebu City. The company will be convening its key managers and leaders from its branches in Makati, Laguna and Davao in its Cebu corporate office for a series of programs highlighted by a Credit Investigation and Appraisal Seminar on Aug. 19, 2011 to be held at the Philippine Cooperative Fund Building, Zosa St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.

Moreover, the company which is experiencing continuous growth since its founding in August 2004 will share its blessings to the community through an Outreach Program which includes a Gift Giving and Feeding Activity for the more than 100 orphans in the Sapak Community in Compostela, Cebu. This will be followed by the company’s pledge of support to the SAPAK Farm Community as part of the company’s Ciorporate Social Responsibility.

The company’s Mid Year Conference and Corporate Strategic Planning will also be held on August 19, 2011 while a Management and Leadership Skills Empowerment Training which is exclusive for the company’s Managers, Support & Leadership Teams will be held on August 20, 2011 a;lso at the Phil. Cooperative Fund Building. A Team Building and Get Together followed on August 21, 2011 at the Vistamar Beach Resort and Country Club in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City which is preceded by a Holy Mass at the St. Joseph Parish Church in Mandaue City at 8:00 in the morning.

Infovision Research Systems had been on service for various Multinational companies which includes BPO’s, Banks, Manufacturing, Service oriented firms and all industry levels nationwide. It is the country’s largest and the fastest growing agency as far as the industry is concerned. Under the stewardship of Mr. Henry C. Poblador, Chief Executive Officer, the company aims to achieve greater heights with its (B3)BIGGER, BETTER AND BOLDER Campaign starting in 2010. This five year program is designed to catapult Infovision Research Systems into the country’s No. 1 industry player and eventually pave the way for its global ambitions in 2015.

For more information about the company you can log on at . You can Like us at Infovision Research Systems Facebook Fan Page or visit our official Infovision blog at


August 2010 – was the birth of Infovision Research Systems- Laguna Branch. The management seeing the vast potential of the CALABARZON  and Southern Luzon area which is  home to more than a hundred export zones and a thriving manufacturing center of the country decided to strategically position itself  choosing Calamba , a historical and industrial city of Laguna as its base. The branch aims to become the base for Infovision’s Southern Luzon operations including the Bicol Region.   The branch operation was initially  headed by Mr. Gerald Viado as the Branch Supervisor with the goal of targeting the projected revenue that would maintain the branch operations in a long term vision. Initial operations were being handled by team who were brought from the Makati branch namely Ms. Liezel Manallo’ as the Branch Admin  and Marketing Officer,  Mr. Estalin De Guzman as the Field Researcher. It was still under the supervision of the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Conrad Villena Jr.

The first months of operations is  focused on its marketing goal to acquire more clients since it started  operation with clients acquired by the Makati Branch but with  operations on the area. These includes ROHM, PLANBANK, EMERSON, KOYO, NECTOKIN, NECTOPPAN, HONDA and TELETECH  Cavite and Laguna Accounts. Infovision Laguna has in fact a good client base so to speak to ensure a viable operations in the long term basis.

In October 2010, the Management assigned Mr. Andy Coma – concurrent Research Division Manager and now the Research Director to temporarily manage the branch to ensure the branch aligned to the operational standards of the company on the way to success. It was then that the branch made a lot of improvements due to the strong teamwork . The site  continue to earn more accounts thereby increasing its revenue in the process.  From a four original team, the branch now counts to about ten when growth of volume requires more people to handle and meet the client expectations.

Infovision Laguna branch continues its journey towards success like a ship who traverses the vast seascape to reach its destiny. It is determined to overcome the trying periods associated with in the normal birth pains of a company.  This resulted to an increase of percentage for both volume and revenue generation though it still not yet profitable during this period.  The branch delivered more positive outlook towards success and relevance in line with the vision of its CEO and President Mr. Henry C. Poblador. It aims to at least register a P/ 500,000 income during its first year and contribute to the Infovision’s goal and become a revenue generating branch.

In the year 2011, the Laguna Branch pursued a more aggressive approach to attain growth and by  January  it already recorded a 67% efficiency rate  which is a good starting performance for the new year. This performance even increased  by almost 30%  during the  first quarter of  2011. By March, the branch successfully acquired two new clients, JAE Philippines Incorporated and YUTAKA Manufacturing Philippines Incorporated both a manufacturing facility located in the Export Zone which effectively raised the branch active clients  to 13. This shows that the branch has the potential to grow within the goal.

The  reassignment of Mr. Andy Coma – Concurrent Branch Operations Manager to the Makati branch proved challenging since the company had to contend in harnessing locally hired personnel to manage the Branch operation.  The appointment of  Ms. Rachel Juanillo as the new BOM of Laguna is a manifestation of trust and confidence of the company on her capabilities to lead the branch and continue to pursue its visions and goals.

By the second quarter of the year Laguna branch posted a sharp increases of  volume which is being experienced for three consecutive months accordingly. It is now gearing on a  90% of efficiency rate  as far as Turn Around (TA) is concerned. By June it radically increased to more than 100%  as it surpassed the goal of 250 accounts to 380 accounts during the month to gain  a 152% of efficiency rate advantage.

August  1, 2011, Infovision Research Systems- Laguna Branch  is turning 1 year old. It is grateful to the management’s  trust and confidence and expectations for a continued strong performance for the whole year  with great pride. The whole Laguna Team is committed to provide a relentless and sustained effort to continue to bring Infovision Research System’s  vision and mission to existing and prospective clients.

The branch is now currently managed by Ms. Rachel Juanillo – Branch Operations Manager with the Full cooperation of the team, Ms. Liezel Manallo’ – Branch Admin, Mr. Radcliffe Earl Baylosis – Branch IT & Logistics Officer, Mr. Jefferson Barit – Credit  Officer, Ms. Jennilyn Anquillano, and Ms. Jinky Gealone & Ms. Ana Dela Cruz – Data Analysts, Mr. Jeffrey Libario & Mr. Alvin Hernandez – Researchers.




Infovision Manila @ 5

By: konrad

Infovision Manila started in August of 2006 at the heart of Makati Central Business District. It held its Manila office at Unit 403 of Cityland Condominium III, occupying an area of less than 30 square meters. Initially it was manned by a single person with the help of a former colleague and after two months, a marketing staff from Cebu arrived and focused on business development activities for Manila operation.

Manila Cordage Corporation, a rope and twine manufacturer was the 1st client of Infovision Manila for credit investigation. It was in October 2006 when we won the contract for Sitel Philippines, a Business Process Outsourcing company contracted us as their exclusive vendor for pre-employment screening or background investigation services. To cope up with the growing business demands, additional personnel were added including Ms. Len Enriquez who started as Tele specialist handling Sitel account and later promoted to become one of the front runners of Infovision Manila.

Since the inception of Infovision Manila, Sitel Philippines was the 1st BPO client of the company to become their exclusive vendor.

Planters Development Bank (PDB) was the 1st bank account we handled during our formative years of operation. PDB availed of our background investigation services for all their employees nationwide. From background investigation services they are now using Infovision for their field credit investigation services focusing in Metro Manila and its immediate vicinities.

The second year of Infovision Manila was the most challenging year. In terms of client acquisition and revenue generation including the financial standing of the company, this was the tough time for all the officers and staffs. Having faced with financial difficulties, we needed to tighten our belts to survive on this very difficult and trying times. The management decided to review the overall operational processes, made a strategic planning and personnel appraisal to come out with a better Infovision in the coming years.

The challenges brought by economic crises worldwide had just made us stronger to face the coming years with enthusiasm and positive mindset, believing that that the 1 Million monthly gross revenue for Manila as envision during the conceptualization stage of Manila operation was not remote but achievable and can be done.

Infovision Manila team continued its aggressive marketing campaign and improved its operational dynamics in 2008. From the total endorsements of 656 in 2007, the branch generated a total endorsement 2,159 in 2008. In 2009, we received a total endorsement of 3,905 and almost tripled in 2010 by acquiring 10,847 client endorsements.

Four years after it was incepted, the month of August 2010 was the highlight of Manila operation having achieved record breaking Php 1.0 M gross revenue for that month. The succeeding months of that year, gross revenue generation steadily maintained at P/ 1M to as high as P 1.6 M in November of 2010.

Client acquisition vastly improved in the last two years of operation with the help of our Business Development Director, Delia Javier. Sustained marketing activities were formulated by focusing on three dynamics of Quality, Efficiency and Innovation. The total client acquisition in 2009 was 19 and increased to 26 by 2010 or up by 36 %.

From four personnel in 2006, Infovision Manila has a current workforce of 60 employees. We now have three core business divisions, namely: Credit and Appraisal Division under Ms Almira Puso – Baltazar, Research & Publication Division by Mr. Andy Coma and B.I. Division. The BI Division is under the direct leadership of Mr. Carlo Virtudez. He has four departments under this division, namely: Tele Specialist under the supervision of Ms. Loida Carino, Data Analysts Department under Ms Ella Sepe, School Specialists Department under Aimee Amores and the Field Research Department under Mr. Marlon Talosig.

The over all Manila Branch Operation is handled by one of the pioneer employee of Manila, Ms. Len Enriquez. From a single unit at the 4th floor of Cityland III in 2006, Manila is now occupying four units at the 3rd floor of Cityland III Condominium. Separate units for every department were established to have an efficient and comfortable working atmosphere.

As we move forward to a BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER Infovision Research System we continue to believe in our employees, that the company can operate smoothly and efficiency through the dedication and positive output produced by its employees. No matter how high tech a company is, a loyal and capable staff is of the utmost importance. As we continue with our journey, though its long and winding road, we will rise victorious because of the people we have here in Infovision Research System.

Infovision Manila will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary this August 2011. To all of you guys, “CHEERS” may you continue to be a blessing to others “Happy Anniversary”.