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IRS Pampanga Branch Blessing and Inauguration


Creating Infovision Research System’s Future.

The internet boom, the lowering of the airfare brought by the deregulation of the airline industry, the affordable communication cost through unlimited calls and text brought by the cut throat competition in the telecom industry and the greater competition in almost all industry levels had been some factors and forces that connived into the successful forays of Infovision Research Systems in its industry today. And uh, lets say, the Heavenly intervention forms part of the greater equation, likewise.

While these interventions shaped the company’s history, it nonetheless attributes other important factors such as the passionate, dedicated and hardworking people, competent and the “I’ve got what it takes” character of the company’s founder, simmered by ingredients of luck, perseverance and foresight completed everything.

Although in some way, the company being part of the general business cycle is not insulated in the Philippine and even Global economic crisis since it too has a share in the mess. When the company started in Aug. 2004 with only a handful of clients who puts its trust and confidence to the founder for its outsourced job, it never failed to grow day by day. Year by year, the company emerges to post increasing business volume, thus, the unimpeded growth in four straight years. Because of the strong confidence of achieving a goal, the company decided to expand to market where the potential is huge and the opportunities are vast and then its exponential growth and eventual increase of share in the industry is inevitable so to speak.

However, in the latter part of 2008 until the early part of 2010, a debacle happens due to the global economic crisis in the US which affected alot of economies worldwide. Infovision saw a drastic drop of volume of business which forced it to streamline its workforce and enforce a strict and sustained austerity measures to cope up with the crisis. It was a difficult time that requires the skill of the management team to go back to the drawing board and revise its strategies. True to that, the company quickly shifted from an aggressive and expansive mood strategy into the survival strategy. Good thing that all of its personnel are very cooperative despite of their own problems generated in the process.

While the hard times are felt for almost two years, the company took it as an opportunity to prepare for the comeback of the economy. It took potshot on the strong showing of the BPO Industry and focused the company’s remaining resources to effectively market on this industry segment which fortunately had been successful enough since business generated on these industry became Infovision’s primary source of revenue in the next three years.

Another good thing brought by the crisis is, Infovision saw it as an opportunity to expand its services and indentified industry where it can be assured of good business volume, likewise the Teams bonded more together to work more effectively. And because of this bonding together, the company is now prepared than ever to face more challenges ahead.

In the third quarter of 2010, it is apparent that the global crisis is waning. The Philippine economy though least affected is back in full throttle as far as economy is concerned. And Infovision is poised to regain the foothold it sorely missed in two years. The preparation of the company paid off. The volume trickled but triple times that what is actually expected. Then the company has to scamper since more business volumes requires more investment and more people which is a daunting challenge for an ill capitalized company who just came from surviving a crisis. Another challenge is when people seeing more opportunities when the economy returns to its place decided to find greener pastures and so on and so forth.

Revenue increased however, the management is constrained to allocate more resources to match the increasing demand of people and facilities. It has to managed funds for investment purposes and at the same time ensure a competitive package for its workforce.

In the company’s almost seven years, it has withered alot of challenges and like a warrior in the battlefield, it is prepared and willing to do more battles. But within these battles in the future like any other battles it had fought Infovision is determined to win.

Infovision’s future in the next few years is a journey. A journey of the entire stakeholder leads by its founder. According to Peter Ducker.. “The Best Way to Predict the future is to Create it”… Let us now gear up to create the future of Infovision!


Almost seven years ago there was a dream, a small dream which started in a small step, a small step made a life size bigger by big hopes, and big hopes which is valued by hard work and hard work fruitioned into a dynamic, passionate, innovative and results oriented organization. Today, Infovision Research System has conquered the country through a determined, strategic and well-motivated approach in getting into the value chain. It had gone the distance.

Going the distance comes with a humble beginnings mostly invested on a sustained, efficient and deliberate efforts marked by goodwill, transparency, friendship to the stakeholders and customer focused services for its long list of clients who keeps growing day by day. Infovision Research Systems today takes pride of its hardworking people who took the extra effort, along with active and effective management efforts and oozing competency to put the company on track to its perceived destination

In Going the distance, Infovision does not need a cliché of wisdom words nor a bookish approach towards business strategy and goal setting. It just only have to stick to three operational dimensions, Be Efficient, Be Innovative and Be Cost effective and the rest are only icing’s on the cake. And in achieving the company’s goals, it has to stick to its basic tenets which formed part of it core values, Integrity and Competency, because by these basic tenets the company derived trust from its worthy customers and confidence towards providing them the services as they expected.

Yet, the company had just turned nostalgic on the beginnings, although it is resigned to the fact that there is still so much to be done, because for all intents and purpose the company had only just begun. And the challenges ahead to be hurdled are itself a case point in the continuous thrust towards operational competency to be at par with the global standard. And the key element is on how the people behind the company respond with eagerness and determination albeit more cognizant of its role in the value chain and most importantly be more at ease on the continuous learning experience brought either by failures and success.

The various Teams of Infovision had worked its way in achieving the visions of its founder for the company, that is, to be the country’s most dynamic and innovative in the industry and by being No. 1 in the country by 2015. Everything but the victory party is set. All Teams, continue to grow in all fields and will continue to grow further within the Bigger, Better and Bolder (B3) Campaign of the company

Infovision had gone a long way yet the company is till like an infant taking its first baby steps. But those steps is being marked with so much confidence to imprint a footmark which cannot be eradicated overtime yet like a wine from the vineyard that tastes better and better as time goes by.

The imprints of the company’s footmark will be measured now and will eventually show how much distance Infovision Research System have gone and achieved over the years. It is continuously laying the foundations in line with its vision for strong, sustainable and competitive organization for generations to come.

The future maybe clear or dark skies ahead, but whatever it is, INFOVISION RESEARCH SYSTEMS, is determined to GO THE DISTANCE!!