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Welcoming 2012 : Year of the Water Dragon… Taking another year of opportunity to grow IRS further !!


Time runs so fast indeed.. We are now on the year 2012, a new year signalling a new thrust, a new plan, a new dimension and a new inspiration to work harder and harder.  Thank God, we survived the year of the rat with flying colors… Please allow me, from the bottom of my heart  to thank and congratulate the men and women behind Infovision Research Systems especially those evidently tired yet still wearing those smiling faces, the pressured flesh yet inside is a roaring passion  and dedication, had truly made up the best of this company.

Its no wonder why Infovision Research Systems is successful in all fronts in 2011. We had already made a bold statement in industry. We came and our clients and prospective clients saw and we IRS is determined to conquer the industry the best we can. We put Innovation a serious matter of business and the transformed  IRS  from a start up entity into a major industry player in the country today. We did that the past years but we are not yet finished because we have technically just started.

The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. The Dragon  in the Chinese calendar signifies wealth and prosperity. And like a Dragon we shall breath fire, the fire of confidence, the fire of prowess, the fire of success and we shall never lose that determination   and bring the company into greater heights…in every step of the way.

I wished everybody a Happy New Year. We shall continue to walk together and make the best of everything for Infovision Research Systems. We shall make the year another opportunity to further grow our company, bring more client, more business volume, more profit and more jobs.

We shall pray for prosperity and wealth for both Infovision Research Systems and to all its management and staff shower in 2012 with good grace of Almighty God Jesus Christ!!